Patrick Silverman

I use only one pill of Power X and it really works.

josh Luzier

2 weeks to probe this product makes me feel like I'm back 20 years.

Jesse Mccartney

Amazing!, this product helped me regain my sexual activity.

Kyle Rowley

Thanks to the Power X I 'm having the best time of my marriage.

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Powers’x is a Dietary supplemernt that includes extracts of fruits, plants and amino acids, this mix of ingredients intensified the most important aphrodisiac nutrients that help the hormones to production. Powers’x acts in the organism to improve the desire and sensation of sexual pleasure in way natural.

Powers’x contents: Arginine, Borojo, Chontaduro and Guarana.
How to Use: Considered safe to take Only One Pill Per Day.
Indication and Contraindication: Do not eat if you are pregnancy or breast feeding. Do not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years old.